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What’s The Importance Of Having Health Insurance?

Who needs health insurance? Everyone who has an interest in maintaining their health.

Health Insurance Allows You to Receive Treatment

Unless it is a medical emergency, healthcare providers do not have to agree to treat you. That means you can be turned away and not receive treatment even when you need it. This means your condition may get worse and activity can exacerbate an injury overtime before you finally receive treatment. 

With health insurance, you will find a healthcare provider who will agree to treat you. Many insurance plans have networks of healthcare providers. Receiving services from these providers within your plan’s network leads to lower costs because your plan has negotiated lower prices for covered services.

Many people without insurance choose to forgo necessary medical procedures because they would be too expensive. Prescription medications that help regulate conditions can be incredibly expensive without the help of prescription drug coverage, as can treatments for serious conditions. Health insurance means you don’t have to choose between your basic necessities and your healthcare.

Some of the often forgone services include trips to the dentist and eye doctor. These services are crucial for maintaining your health and quality of life as well as preventing degeneration. Proper dental care is important for keeping inflammation and gum disease at bay, which can aggravate your heart and create stress in your body. Seeing the dentist and eye doctor is important, and health insurance helps you to afford regular appointments when you need them.

Health Insurance Helps You to Receive Healthcare Affordably

Without health insurance, most procedures would be prohibitively expensive. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions and providers inflate their prices to get as much money out of insurance companies as possible. If you don’t have health insurance, you can be held responsible for excessively large sums of money, which could go to debt collections and lower your credit score. Lower credit scores impact your ability to receive loans and mortgages or obtain housing. The medical industry can disrupt your financial health by a large margin.

With Medicare, there are approved prices for covered services that Medicare has agreed to pay. These prices are significantly lower than what providers generally bill for these services. Once you have met your deductible, you only need to pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for covered services as coinsurance. This makes your price much lower than the standard medical bill.

Health Insurance Makes Recovery Possible

Treatment for many conditions and injuries involves therapy and rehabilitation. These treatments can be held over extended periods of time depending on the severity of the injury. Paying the full cost for each treatment over several months will add up to a large sum. 

Health insurance allows you to go to physical therapy when you need it without paying a second rent for your health. The same goes for recovery medications such as those you take after receiving an organ transplant. Without either of these procedures, you will lapse into poor health or lose improvement. Following all of the recommendations of your doctor is what keeps you healthy.

To maintain your health and your finances, secure health insurance today. For help finding the right insurance plan, contact My Healthcare Direct.

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