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What is the Purpose of Short-Term Health Insurance?

Short term health insurance is great for people in the midst of a job transition

Short-term health insurance is health insurance plans that are typically available for 30 days to 90 days. However, some insurers may offer short-term plans that last for up to 12 months and will limit how many times you can renew a policy.

Short-term health plans typically have features that are different from traditional health plans. They do not need to comply with the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act, and they usually provide a level of coverage for urgent care, preventive care, doctor visits, and emergency care. There are different reasons why people get short-term health plans. Let’s discuss some of those reasons and why you might consider a short-term health plan.

The Purpose of Short-term Health Insurance

  1. Low Premiums: Since short-term health plans only provide health coverage over a short period, they usually cost less than ACA-compliant health plans that offer comprehensive health coverage. It is easy to get a short-term health plan with low premiums per month. However, the downside is that the out-of-pocket costs are usually higher than traditional health plans.
  2. Easily Accessible Health Coverage: With other health insurance plans such as Medicare, for example, you’ll need to wait until you meet the eligibility requirements before you can enroll. You also need to wait for a suitable enrollment period. However, short-term health plans are available throughout the year. Enrolling is also easy as you only need to answer a few questions about your health history. As soon as you complete the enrollment process, your coverage can become active as soon as the next day.
  3. Temporary Medical Coverage: As the name implies, short-term health plans are meant to provide medical coverage for a short period. They are helpful in instances where you have a gap in health insurance, you need emergency coverage, and many other instances. If you have a short-term health plan, you can also easily cancel at any point without extra cost.
  4. Lastly, short-term health plans provide coverage for people who have missed the open enrollment period for ACA plans. They are also useful if you have a waiting period before enrolling in major health plans or you are between jobs and you need a cheap health plan.

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