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What are the Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage

It’s important that you learn about the different parts of Medicare to be sure you’re selecting the right one. One part you will most likely come across is known as Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage can be a great option for some, but it’s not always the best option for others. To determine if it’s a good option for you specifically, let’s go over some of the pros and cons you can expect to see.

Pros of Medicare Advantage

There are so many reasons why Medicare Advantage is a popular choice. Some of those reasons are listed below:

  • You can expand your coverage to fit your medical needs. Not only will Medicare Advantage provide the same coverage as Original Medicare, but these plans may also include additional benefits, such as dental, hearing, vision, prescription drug coverage, and more.
  • Some Medicare Advantage plans will have in-network providers that their plan members must use. These in-network providers can help your overall out-of-pocket costs be much lower.

Cons of Medicare Advantage

While there are many reasons why some choose Medicare Advantage plans, it’s important to note that there are also some cons. Cons include:

  • Not being able to enroll in Medigap. Medigap is only available for those enrolled in Original Medicare and helps cover the costs that Original Medicare won’t cover.
  • While in-network providers can be a good benefit of Medicare Advantage plans, it can also be a con. If plans require their plan members to use their in-network providers, this means they will only receive coverage when using these specific providers. Going outside the plan’s network may lead to no coverage.
  • Not all Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage, and not all will allow you to enroll in a separate Part D prescription drug plan. If you want a Medicare Advantage plan with prescription drug coverage, your best bet is to enroll in a plan that offers it.

Need More Information? We Can Help!

Medicare Advantage can be a great option for some, but it’s not for everybody. We’d love to discuss your health insurance options and ensure that you’re on the right path to getting the Medicare coverage you need. Feel free to contact us today, and we’ll connect you with a member of our team.

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