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Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Costs Part 2: Copayments

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If you are searching for health insurance, you should consider out-of-pocket costs such as copayments. These added expenses may cause you to struggle with your budget if you’re not careful. 

With limited information available regarding copayments, choosing a healthcare plan may be challenging. However, our independent healthcare experts at My Healthcare Direct care about helping you find the best health insurance for your needs. To make this process less stressful for you, our professionals have created a quick guide on copayments.

To find out more about other out-of-pocket costs, refer to Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Costs Part 1: Deductibles.  

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What are Copayments?

Copayments are defined as fixed dollar amounts that patients pay for medical expenses. For most health insurance plans, the policyholder must pay 100% of out-of-pocket costs until they have met their deductible. In comparison, the deductible is the amount a customer must pay before the insurance covers any costs. 

Specifically, once the deductible is met, the additional costs are called copayments. 

How Copayments are Applied

To exemplify how copayments are applied, copayments typically arise following different services (i.e., doctor’s visits, lab work, specialist visits). For instance, if you have already paid your deductible and attended a doctor’s visit, you must pay the difference or amount that exceeds what your insurance covers. 

Suppose your provider covers only $100 per visit, but the total costs are $120. In that case, you must pay $20. However, you will be responsible for the entire bill if you have not met your deductible. That’s why learning about what fees exist on your policy is necessary. 

For those who need assistance finding details about the out-of-pocket costs, speak to a customer service agent. The contact information is usually listed on the back of your insurance card or online. 

Are Copayments the Same for all Healthcare Services?

As a policyholder, it’s necessary to understand that each health insurance sets different copays based on the service provided. Specifically, the copay will vary depending on whether you visited the emergency room or a specialist. 

Also, it is important to know that most plans define copayments for different categories (formulary tiers) for prescription drugs. These formulary tiers divide drugs into groups based on costs. For example, your plan may have a $10 copay for a generic drug, $25 for a preferred brand-name drug, $50 for a non-preferred brand-name drug, and $100 for a specialty drug. 

Furthermore, policies may have a mixture of copayments and coinsurance. Coinsurance refers to the percentage of the cost of a service. One health insurance policy may require a copayment for prescription drugs but provide coinsurance for a hospital stay.

In fact, some insurance companies stack both copays and coinsurance together. While one policy calls for a baseline copayment of $50 for an inpatient hospitalization plus 20% for additional services during that stay, another may ask for just a percentage.

How Costs Vary Depending on In-Network Vs. Out-of-Network Providers

Before selecting a policy, you must know that almost all health insurance plans require patients to pay more for out-of-network services. To learn what applies to your policy, check your certificate of insurance/coverage or summary plan description (SPD) to determine what medical expenses you will be responsible for. 

Depending on the insurance, some may not cover a service with an out-of-network provider. However, others may require you to pay the difference between charges from an in-network and an out-of-network provider. 

Our health insurance agents will help you understand copayments

Instead of selecting a health insurance policy independently, our experienced agents at My Healthcare Direct will help you learn about copayments and out-of-pocket costs. Our experts ensure that you choose the health insurance plan that’s best for you.  

Using our knowledge about the insurance industry, products, and different situations, selecting a plan will be simple, reliable, direct, and stress-free!

Please contact us today to speak to one of our customer service agents for further assistance.  

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