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Role of a Medicare Agent

The role of a Medicare agent is to talk over your options, evaluate your current coverage, stay up-to-date on Medicare, and to save you time, money, and trouble.

Medicare Agents Discuss Your Best Options

There is a huge difference between the captive and non-captive insurance agent—captive agents are tied to very few companies and products, and they will only try to sell you on their specific offerings. Non-captive agents, on the other hand, can objectively consider the entire scope of healthcare options to find a plan that truly serves you best.

The non-captive agent, then, will discuss all of your options and stick with you overtime to make sure you keep receiving the best service.

Evaluate Your Current Coverage

Because agents stay with you over the duration of your plan, you can go to them for any questions regarding your coverage. Say, for instance, you’re concerned about increasing premiums—you can call your agent, and simply ask how much your premium will increase (if at all) the following year.

You will also have to renew your coverage on an annual basis, which your agent will gladly take care of. Not only that, but non-captive agents can also search the market for potential other plans for you to enroll in instead of your current plan. Agents earn a similar commission for both new enrollments and renewals, so you know that, when they suggest a new plan, it’s because they truly feel it will benefit you in some way.

Stay Up-To-Date on Medicare News

Because Medicare is a federal program, it is subject to changes in the law, court rulings, etc. For instance, your Part A and Part B premiums and deductibles are subject to increase by a few dollars each year. Your agent will keep track of this and will let you know so that you are up-to-date.

Specific rules regarding Medicare Advantage, Part D, and supplements are subject to change as well, both on a federal and insurance company level. Agents can help you understand what this means for you, how it will affect you and can help find you a different plan if you no longer want the same coverage.

Save You Time, Money, and Trouble

In the grand scheme of things, Medicare agents in Florida or anywhere in the U.S. are dependable, informed, and well-versed in the Medicare market. There are so many options for coverage—Original Medicare, 10 different supplements, 5 different Advantage plans, and a plethora of Part D plans—how can you know which is best for you, let alone find and compare plans in your area?

This is why agents are so incredibly beneficial to Medicare beneficiaries—they save you time, money, and trouble trying to figure things out on your own.

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