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Medicare & Employer Coverage

Do you have employer coverage and are wondering how that could impact your Medicare coverage? Let’s discuss your options and how to maximize the benefits you have available to you.

Dual coverage

It is entirely possible to be enrolled in both Medicare and the insurance you receive from your employer. This is an excellent option that can have lots of benefits. One policy may pick up where the other leaves off, giving you increased benefits and access to more coverage.

Special Enrollment Periods

If you’re still receiving employer coverage during your Initial Enrollment Period and decide to not enroll in Medicare yet, you may be granted a Special Enrollment Period. This would allow you to enroll in Medicare past your Initial Enrollment Period, without incurring any extra fees.

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While insurance can provide important medical coverage, it also comes with its own costs. If you’re wondering whether two insurance policies are worth it, our professionals at My Healthcare Direct can answer your questions.