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Medicare Eligibility

Medicare eligibility primarily depends on the age and tax status of the individual. There are some situations in which exceptions to these eligibility requirements are acknowledged, but those situations are not as common.


The typical enrollment age for Medicare is 65. This is when the individual’s Initial Enrollment Period will begin and they can make any changes to their Medicare policy. Around this time, beneficiaries will be mailed a packet that will detail their policy and new coverage.

Exceptions to the age requirement are made on the basis of diagnosis. Those with specific diagnoses can enroll in Medicare before their 65th birthday.

Tax history

Tax history is the second important eligibility requirement that must be met in order to be eligible for Medicare. If you or your spouse has paid into Medicare taxes, you’ll most likely be eligible for premium-free Part A.

If you don’t qualify for Medicare because of your tax history, you may still be able to purchase Medicare.

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