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Medigap Plan G in Florida

Medigap Plan G is very similar to Plan F, except that it does not include the Medicare Part B deductible.

Medicare Supplement Plan G Coverage

What does Medigap Plan G does cover:

  • Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital costs up to a year after Medicare benefits are exhausted
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment
  • The first three pints of blood
  • Medicare Part A hospice coinsurance or copayment
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance
  • 80% of foreign travel exchange
  • Medicare Part B excess charge

Medicare Supplement Plan G in Florida does not cover:

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Medicare Supplement Plan G Video Transcript >

Medicare supplement plan G

Hi Sean Brady here with my health care Direct today that's what we're going to be learning about

Okay so medicare supplement plan g, what do you need to know? Let's dive right in okay first thing to understand this is one of the more popular plans.

Okay it's going to have strong benefits and low out of pocket costs okay and specifically, it's going to be very similar to Medicare supplement plan F, all right and if you have been doing your research you may understand that plan f is kind of the Gold standard or Some refer to it as you know like the Cadillac type plan.

Where it covers everything all right, that's the pinnacle so to speak. Now plan g is very similar and if you
Look at this chart here that Lists all the benefits of what all the Different medicare supplements cost and what the benefits That they pay out And the benefits they do not pay out, you can see Plan f is the one that basically covers Everything

All right plan g is very similar, the only thing that it's lacking as far as compared to Plan f Is going to be your part b deductible

Okay and just so you're aware that's Going to be $203

For 2021 moving forward okay just so You're aware of that now the other thing

To understand Is basically once you pay out that 203 Dollars for the year Your plan g basically morphs into a plan F, Meaning it's gonna cover everything after that two hundred and three dollars

Okay so so very popular plan

Uh as you can imagine because of that so What are the costs involved sean

All right so you're going to have your Monthly premium amount and that could be anywhere from 100 to 125 or 150 kind of in that range. Some states are higher like Florida is probably going to be a lot higher than that
depending on where you're at and Throughout the continental us the places do kind of vary.

So go ahead and give us a call we can Whip up a quote in about two three minutes,Just need your zip code date of birth. We'll go over some Health concerns and questions just to See you know if you qualify and we can
Give you An exact quote with options that you can compare and then just take in that information and you know make your decision from

There and if you need help with the Decision, Obviously we're here like I've said,
Give us a call

That's plan G in a nutshell

Like I said it's probably one of the More popular plans. You'll definitely run into a lot of videos and information on it

What You Need To Know about Medicare Supplement Plan G

Medicare Supplement Plan G is one of the more popular plans because it has strong benefits and low out-of-pocket cost. Medigap Plan G is also very similar to Medicare Supplement Plan F.

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Questions about Plan G?

Plan G offers coverage that can significantly reduce medical bills. If you’re wondering how it compares to other Medigap plans, make an appointment to speak with one of our professionals.

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