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Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement plans are for those that are enrolled in Original Medicare. They are not available for those who are enrolled in Medicare Advantage.


There are many different types of plans available. They vary in their inclusion, but all have the same purpose. Medicare Supplemental Insurance exists to lower bills and reduces the beneficiary’s financial responsibility.

Some Medigap policies cover a portion of deductibles or coinsurance, which can significantly lower medical bills. Other policies include an out-of-pocket limit, which is helpful for those that utilize financial planning.

Medicare Supplement Plans

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How do I choose a policy?

By seeing what areas of your bill are typically highest, you can make an accurate guess as to what coverage you’ll want in the future. If your goal is to reduce your deductibles but you don’t travel often, you might want to select a plan with a portion of the deductible covered that doesn’t include foreign travel exchange.

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