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Medicare Changes for 2023 – What You Need to Know

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Every year, you can expect Medicare costs and policies to change, and 2023 is no different. Changes to your part A, part B, or part D coverage may significantly affect your overall medical costs, so be sure to understand these Medicare changes for 2023 before the end of the year.

Changes to Part A, Part B, and Part D of Medicare Coverage for 2023

Part A, Part B, and Part D Medicare coverage will change for the upcoming year. While Part A covers hospital insurance, including inpatient hospital care, hospice support, lab testing, and home health care, Part B covers outpatient services such as doctor’s appointments and preventive services. Part D covers the costs of prescription drugs, including shots and vaccines. These Part D plans are run through private insurance companies but follow regulations designed by Medicare.

Medicare Changes for 2023 - Part A

When a beneficiary buys Part A coverage, the charge will amount to up to $506 monthly in 2023. However, if that beneficiary paid taxes on their Medicare insurance for 30 to 39 quarters (or three-month periods), the standard premium will be $278. Medicare breaks down their deductibles from days 1 to 60 ($0 for each benefit period); days 61 to 90 ($400 coinsurance for every day of the benefit period); and days 91 and over ($800 for each benefit period, at a rate of up to 60 days over a lifetime). 

Medicare Changes for 2023 - Part B

Standard part B premium amounts will be $164.90 or more, depending on the beneficiary’s income. Their deductible and coinsurance will be $226, with 20 percent copays required after that is exhausted. For those who brought in higher incomes in 2021, their Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount will increase if you made over $97,000 as an individual and over $194,000 through a joint tax filing for Part B premiums. 

Medicare Changes for 2023 - Part B and D

The same applies to Part D, where you will likely pay more for your monthly premium in 2023 if your income is higher than $97,000 as an individual and $194,000 as a couple.

Other Important Medicare Changes for 2023

As the Covid-19 pandemic still continues to affect healthcare in this country, Medicare will provide coverage for vaccines, booster shots, and tests. Beginning January 1, 2023, after signing up for Medicare

  • during the month you turn 65
  • during the final three months of your Initial Enrollment Period
  • or within the General Enrollment Period

you will begin to receive coverage on the first day of the month after you sign up. You also may be able to enroll in Medicare even if you missed your enrollment period due to exceptional circumstances. 

Additionally, Medicare will offer support for immunosuppressive drugs beyond the standard 36 months after kidney transplants starting in 2023.  

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