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Who Needs Medicare Advantage

Those who would like coverage beyond what Original Medicare offers should consider Medicare Advantage. Part C allows the beneficiary to personalize their coverage so that it includes the areas they’re anticipating using.

Vision, dental, and hearing

Those with vision, dental, and hearing insurance needs should consider Medicare Advantage. None of those areas are covered by Original Medicare but can be added to an Advantage plan. This can greatly reduce bills and lessen financial responsibility.

Not happy with your bills?

If you’ve been noticing that your medical bills are getting higher and your insurance isn’t saving you as much as you’d hope, consider Medicare Advantage. By adding more coverage to your policy, you can lower your bills and get access to more treatment.

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If you’re looking to enroll in an Advantage policy, you’ll need to do so through a private insurance agency. My Healthcare Direct can answer all your questions and discuss the policies available.

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