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Advantage For Veterans

If you have VA benefits, you might be wondering whether or not you should enroll in Medicare Advantage. Let’s discuss the possibilities and whether or not it’s worth it to have two types of insurance.


For most people, having more insurance is better. Being enrolled in both Medicare Advantage and VA benefits will mean you’ll have more coverage. If one policy doesn’t provide coverage in one area, the other might. Being able to use both insurances can lower your bills and provide you with peace of mind.


Having two types of coverage will allow you access to two types of facilities. If you’re enrolled in both types of insurance mentioned, then you can seek treatment at both Medicare and VA approved facilities.

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Should you enroll in both?

If you’re looking to have comprehensive medical insurance and gain access to a variety of medical providers, it’s a good idea to enroll in both Medicare Advantage and VA benefits. If you’re ready to begin the enrollment process, let us know!