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Short Term Insurance

Short Term Insurance

Short-term health insurance helps those who need temporary coverage for things like preventive care, doctor visits, urgent care, and emergency care when you do not have access to other insurance. 

Short Term Insurance Benefits for Necessary Coverage

Tri-term plans can be easier to afford than traditional medical insurance. This is because most insurance companies do not require you to pay the premiums for the entire year up front.

However, the premiums themselves can be more expensive than other short term medical plans, and they typically increase in price in the 2nd and 3rd terms. This is because tri-term plans cover a three-year period rather than the usual one or two years.

Premiums for such policies will be determined after assessing all these criteria.

While the premiums for tri-term medical insurance plans can be higher than for other types of health insurance plans, they can still be a good option for some people.

This is especially true if you expect your health insurance needs to change in the next three years. For example, if you are starting a family or planning to retire, a tri-term medical insurance plan can be a good way to cover your needs during that time.

Individuals who are considering a tri-term medical insurance plan should contact My Healthcare Direct. We can help you compare plans and prices from multiple insurers to find the best coverage for your needs.

IS Short Term Health Insurance Necessary?

Short-term health insurance is a necessary and very helpful option for anyone experiencing a lapse in or lack of regular health insurance. These plans are not required to follow ACA regulations, but they will almost always cover:

  • Unexpected illness and injury
  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital services (doctor’s visits, urgent care)
  • Emergency care

They often, however, do not cover:

  • Preventive care
  • Prescriptions
  • Pre-existing conditions (typically illnesses that have been treated/diagnosed within the last 2-5 years)
  • Maternity (pregnancy)
  • Dental, vision, and hearing

Some plans still include even some of this coverage. If you’re not sure if your illnesses are covered, or you simply want to make sure certain benefits are included, you can view the potential plan’s “exclusions and limitations.”

Costs of short-term health insurance will vary depending on the plan you purchase. The most important thing you need to know is that they function on a low-premium model—each plan has a very low monthly premium payment, but high out-of-pocket costs (including both copayment and coinsurance fees). Also, while some plans include it, not every plan has caps on annual costs while you’re covered by it.

Who Needs Short-Term Health Insurance?

Short-term health insurance benefits those who are experiencing a gap in health insurance coverage. Under ACA, everyone must be covered by insurance or else face a penalty. A short-term plan, then, not only provides a “safety net” in case of a medical emergency but also allows you to avoid the fee.

  • Missed general enrollment period (GEP) for the year (and don’t qualify for a special enrollment period—if you did, you could enroll in Medicare at any point regardless of the GEP).
  • You are experiencing changes or issues with your employment.
    • You are between jobs.
    • You lost your job or got laid off.
    • You are a temporary or seasonal employee.
    • You are on strike, laid-off, or a terminating employee.
    • You are waiting for employer group coverage to start.
  • Are waiting for your Medicare coverage to begin (depending on your time of enrollment, your coverage may not start for 3-6 months. The same can be applied to Marketplace coverage).
  • Waiting for Marketplace coverage to start.
  • Traveling outside of the network area.
  • For younger individuals, if you are:
    • A recent college graduate
    • A dependent no longer covered under parents plan

Why Short-Term Health Helps

The greatest benefit of short-term health plans are, of course, their flexibility. Plans can last anywhere from as little as 30 days up to 36 months with a one-time optional renewal. And, more often than not, you can get approved for coverage as soon as the day of or after you apply.

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