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Does the ACA Cover Dental?

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Yes, the Affordable Care Act can provide dental coverage. You can find a dental plan through the federal health insurance marketplace at The general health options on your state’s health insurance marketplace may include dental care, but if this is not the case, you can purchase a standalone dental insurance plan.

Dental Care and the Affordable Care Act

On the health insurance marketplace, there are two categories of dental care plans: high and low. High coverage dental insurance plans are plans with higher premiums and lower copays. Copayments are what you pay after receiving care, i.e., the part of your healthcare costs that you are required to cover. If you purchase a high coverage dental plan, you will pay more each month but will pay less if you use dental services. High coverage plans are suitable if you need regular dental care or you need to undergo a lot of dental procedures.

Low coverage dental plans have lower premiums each month but higher copayments and deductibles. That means you will pay less each month but more if you use dental services. If you rarely need dental care or you take good care of your teeth and you prefer to have dental insurance in case you need it, then a low coverage plan might be suitable for you.

Before you choose a dental plan in the marketplace, ensure you compare different plans and get details about costs, deductibles, copayments, as well as the services covered. It is important to note that you cannot buy a dental plan on the marketplace unless you buy a health plan together.

Dental Care for Children and Adults

For children, dental insurance is treated differently under the Affordable Care Act. This means for someone who is 18 or under, any health coverage they get must include dental coverage as either part of the plan or as a standalone plan. It is considered an essential health benefit. However, for adults, it is not. Insurers on the ACA marketplace are not required to include dental care as part of the coverage options.
Dental care plans are still available on the marketplace, though they are optional. You can purchase a health plan that includes dental care or purchase a standalone dental plan. If you purchase a standalone plan, you will be charged separately for dental coverage. For more information about ACA plans and the dental coverage they may offer, reach out to us today!

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