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Can I Cancel My Medicare Advantage Plan Anytime?

So many people choose Medicare Advantage because it’s a great way to gain access to a wide amount of coverage. Many people find that this policy fits within their budget, so it’s a choice that many people feel confident making. If you want to enroll in Medicare and also get dental, vision, or hearing coverage, then you’ll need to choose Medicare Advantage.

Many Medicare Advantage policies include prescription drug coverage. If you’re enrolled in Medicare Advantage, then you won’t be able to enroll in Part D. You also won’t be eligible to choose Medigap. These are important things to keep in mind if you’re considering whether or not Medicare Advantage could be the right choice for you.

Canceling your plan

If you’re currently enrolled in Medicare Advantage but want to make a change to your policy, then you might be wondering what your options are. It’s important to keep in mind that Medicare is very specific about enrollment periods, so you should check those dates and make sure that you’re able to enroll in the policy that you want.

If you’re looking to cancel your Medicare Advantage plan and switch to Original Medicare, there are certain times during the year when that can be done. However, if this is your first year being enrolled in Medicare Advantage, then there is some flexibility. The first year acts as a trial period because Medicare understands that it takes some time to figure out what the right coverage for your individual situation is. 

Another option for switching plans at any time during the year is if a five-star plan is offered locally. If it is, then you should be able to switch to that plan during any week, with the exception of the beginning of December.

If you are going to be changing your Medicare enrollment, then keep in mind that coverage may not start immediately. It’s important to plan for this period of waiting so that you don’t end up without health insurance coverage for a time.

Wanting to make changes?

If you’re not happy with your Medicare coverage, we can help you find an alternative. We understand that Medicare can be confusing, so we’re here to make sure that you’re enrolled in the right policy for your medical situation. We hope to hear from you soon so that we can begin the process of finding the right Medicare policy for you!

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