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Advantages to Off-Exchange Plans

  • Better options: You are in control of the plan options you choose and the better the option, the great chance it will help meet your medical needs.
  • Network: While some on-exchange plans can have limited network capability, off-exchange plans can offer more access to a greater network of medical providers
By contacting the phone number on this website you will be directed to a licensed agent. 888-959-1028

ACA Exempt/Off-Exchange

ACA Exempt or Off-Exchange plans are possibly affordable alternatives to traditional insurance that work outside of the exchange environment (such as marketplace/Obamacare). The best advantage to these plans is that you are in control of the plan of your choice. These plans put you in the driver seat of your health care coverage.

Who fits best with Off-Exchange plans:

  • Healthy individuals looking to save money
  • Those who do not qualify for a subsidy
  • Individuals and/or families who frequently travel

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